Fighter Conor McGregor Under Investigation in Ireland

Fighter Conor McGregor Under Investigation in Ireland

( – Irish authorities are allegedly investigating Conor McGregor, a prior UFC champion, for hate speech after he criticized their response to last week’s stabbings by a man suspected of being an Algerian immigrant.

The alleged attacker stabbed three children and two adults at a school near the center of the city on November 23, leading to violent riots in Dublin, Ireland’s capital.

There were 500 rioters reported that night; a minimum of 34 of them were arrested. Some of the rioters vandalized buildings, burned a police vehicle and a bus, and caused the city to suspend all public transportation.

According to Drew Harris, the commissioner of the Irish Garda, a group of extremists inspired by the ideology of the far-right were responsible for the shameful riots in Dublin. The UFC star, however, slammed the comments made by the police commissioner.

The famous Irishman, McGregor, who has 60 million Twitter and Instagram followers, said the assault was a reaction to the fact that Ireland is at war.

He claimed that a mentally unstable non-citizen brutally stabbed children in Dublin, Ireland. There is a serious threat to the Irish people that was never necessary, and the government has done nothing to help the people. The government, he said, must either deal with the assault on their citizens or make way for those who will.

McGregor made it clear that he did not approve of the riots in Dublin, the assaults on the first responders, or the destruction or theft of property. While he agrees with their frustrations, he emphasizes that the riots did little to address their problems. The necessary change can only be introduced if someone takes action to fix the problem, McGregor said, and Ireland must change its priorities.

As Ireland copes with its second-highest immigrant influx in recent months and is among the most per capita within the European Union, McGregor became an immediate and prominent figure in the country as a result of his remarks.

Since the riot, authorities have begun looking into McGregor as their probe begins into the spread of alleged hate speech online.

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