Firefighter Adopts Baby After Locking Eyes With It

Firefighter Adopts Baby After Locking Eyes With It

( – A Florida fireman fell in love with a newborn girl he found in a drop box in January and decided to adopt her.

At approximately 2 a.m., the unnamed Ocala smok-eater heard an alarm signal going off at his station. The alarm indicated that a baby had been placed in the building’s ‘Safe Haven Baby Box.’

After peeking inside, the fireman met a small baby girl he would eventually call Zoey. The moment he took her up and their eyes met, it was over. Since then, he’s loved her.

He and his wife had tried unsuccessfully to have a child for ten years before this fortuitous meeting planted the idea of adoption in their minds. He delayed calling his wife because he didn’t want to disturb her sleep, but he was certain she would agree with him.

He drove the infant to the hospital and then submitted a letter to the authorities saying he wanted to adopt her. He detailed how they had finished the required training and were now officially accepted as adoptive parents. The only thing missing was a kid.

He connected with his partner, and she cried tears of cautious optimism. He cautioned her against jumping to any conclusions. His greatest concern was that Zoey would leave before the authorities ever saw the message he left.

Days later, though, Zoey was happily cooing in their arms, and in April she would become their legal daughter.

He believed that God had a hand in how he located her.

The fireman stated he wanted to write about the experience so the child’s mother could read it and take solace in the fact that her girl was safe and loved unconditionally.

Monica Kelsey, the program’s creator, expressed gratitude to the unnamed mother for leaving her baby in a secure environment. She was talking to whomever had given up their child in a legitimate manner. They appreciate you trusting them with your child’s well-being and bringing them to a facility that can provide for them.

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