Flight Turbulence Injures 14 People

Flight Turbulence Injures 14 People

(DailyDig.com) – On the evening of December 4, passengers and crew on an international aircraft flight encountered intense turbulence. As the A380 aircraft neared the Persian Gulf, it encountered turbulence, resulting in 14 individuals among the crew and passengers needing medical assistance.

According to press sources, the incident occurred on Emirates flight number EK421 from Perth Airport to Dubai International when the aircraft experienced severe turbulence as it neared its destination.

According to initial media reports, the turbulence was sufficiently intense that some passengers made contact with the ceiling of the aircraft cabin. Additionally, it is estimated that as many as 14 individuals required medical attention for their injuries. Emirates has reported that a number of passengers, along with crew members, sustained injuries as a result of the turbulence.

As a passenger reported, the turbulence unexpectedly occurred, resulting in a significant number of passengers not wearing their seatbelts. According to another passenger, the pilot instructed all passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts just before the turbulence occurred.

An Emirates representative expressed their regret for the unfortunate situation. The representative confirmed that aircraft EK421, on December 4, from Perth to Dubai, had a brief encounter with unforeseen turbulence near the end of the flight. During the incident, the crew, along with some medically-trained individuals, evaluated and assisted the wounded individuals, while supplementary medical assistance was supplied via a satellite connection.

The statement said that upon landing, the aircraft passengers and crew received medical assistance, and Emirates had sent its care team to provide comprehensive support to the wounded individuals.

A passenger on the flight said on Twitter that in his mind, he really believed it was the last moment of his life, as the people crashed into the ceiling and floor twice, causing some damage to the ceiling.

The airplane safely touched down in Dubai around 4:45 p.m. local time on the morning of December 5th, without any more issues. The Emirates Airbus A380 with registration A6-EEV, which was involved in the incident, has been stationed in Dubai since its landing.

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