Former NFL Player To Face Charges For Allegedly Murdering Mother

Former NFL Player To Face Charges For Allegedly Murdering Mother

( – This week, authorities arrested Sergio Brown, a former NFL player, on a murder in the first-degree warrant for the death of his mother, Myrtle Jean Simmons-Brown, 73.

Brown, 35, was deported on October 10 from Mexico and was arrested by authorities in San Diego. The Chicago police are attempting to get him returned to Chicago. The captain of the extradition trip to Tijuana threatened to kick him off the aircraft after he reportedly caused a ruckus.

Before entering the NFL, Brown was a collegiate football star at Notre Dame. From 2010 to 2016, he was a defensive back in the NFL for several different teams.

In the middle of September, Ms. Brown’s body was discovered in a stream behind her home in Chicago. Her death was deemed a murder when the coroner found signs of an attack.

Nick Brown, Brown’s brother, shared on social media the news that Sergio Brown was still missing after the day he learned of their mother’s death. If anybody had any idea where his brother was, he requested to be informed so he could beg his brother to come home. He wants him to know how much he loves him. He also said that although this is a difficult moment, there is reason for optimism because they will go through it together.

He went on to explain that his mother had always reassured him that hard times are only transitory and that this was the subject of their last talk. He praised his mother for her love and resilience. He promised she wouldn’t be disappointed in him.

Last week, the family’s attorney released a statement requesting law authorities proceed with an arrest, citing the existence of adequate evidence. Officials were urged to look into Ms. Brown’s case completely and diligently. The burden of not knowing what happened in the death of a loved one should not fall on any family.

In addition, they said that they had not been in contact with Sergio but that they were all praying for his safe return to the United States.

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