Fresh Privacy Concerns Rise With New Meta Feature

Fresh Privacy Concerns Rise With New Meta Feature

( – With Meta’s latest technology, the firm can easily keep tabs on individuals. Link History is a new feature that they just added in the Facebook application for Android and iPhone. The websites that individuals have browsed on Facebook Mobile Browser in the last month are included in their Link History.

Meta said that the option would allow users to centralize their history of browsing. However, some people are worried about their privacy with Meta’s data collecting because of this function.

Individuals can keep track of all the links they’ve visited in the Facebook app using Meta’s Link History feature. Only URLs that they’ve opened in Facebook’s browser will work here; the browser opens automatically if they click on a link in the Facebook app. Then, they can see all of the links they’ve visited and return to them; Facebook’s browser will reopen the sites they previously visited.

Use Meta’s Link History to quickly access the sites they’ve viewed on Facebook’s Mobile Browser if they’re okay with them utilizing this data to display more relevant advertisements.

They may save any link in their Link History for a month when they enable Link History. Facebook still gathers plenty of data on individuals, even without having created an account. This is one such open channel through which Meta gathers information.

Keep in mind that the Facebook mobile app is the only way to access Link History. It is computer-inaccessible. Meta will delete any links they’ve ever visited when they turn off Link History, so they won’t be able to view them again.

Data collection generates billions of profit for Meta. The company says this only an effort to be more forthright about the fact that the corporation is monitoring the links its consumers click on. Meta has been making an effort to be more transparent about the inner workings of its platforms, including the methods it uses to monitor users and the data they provide. Still, it’s unclear whether Meta is providing consumers with all the information they need.

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