Gas Station Campaign Ad Sparks Mockery

Gas Station Campaign Ad Sparks Mockery

( – Mike Pence, a Republican presidential contender, was mocked online after posting a video campaigning for office. The video was of him standing by a truck at a gas station, where he seemed to remove a gas nozzle and pump gasoline into the pickup. There have been over three million views of the video as of August 10.

As he puts the nozzle into the red truck’s filler, Pence asks the camera whether the audience remembers when gas was only $2 a gallon. He blamed the high price of gasoline on Biden’s administration, claiming that once Biden was elected president, he declared war on petroleum energy in the United States.

However, commenters seemed more concerned with Pence’s terrible acting than they were about remembering the cheaper costs. Some commenters mocked Pence for his apparent inexperience with pumping gas by asking whether he had ever done it on his own. They said that the pump kept beeping at him while he uttered his lines since he hadn’t chosen his gasoline grade before acting out the pumping sequence.

Rob Schneider, an actor and comedian, questioned how Pence could be trusted to address the nation’s gas price crisis and promote energy independence if he can’t even decide which octane to put in the vehicle he drives.

Many people also saw that Pence did not use the hose’s release mechanism to let gasoline into the fuel tank. Someone took it upon themselves to provide detailed directions to the country’s former Vice president, explaining that the former leader needed to choose the octane type prior to inserting the nozzle into the gas filler. The commenter then instructed him to apply pressure on the nozzle’s lever to release the gas in order to fill the tank.

A Twitter poll asking users their views on the video received over a thousand responses. The survey question was whether or not Pence would be chosen by the voters to pump gas at a gas station. The NO vote was higher than 94 percent.

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