Gaza Received None of The Aid Biden Sent

Gaza Received None of The Aid Biden Sent

( – The Pentagon reported on May 21 that the US military’s constructed floating pier had not yet delivered humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

Major General Pay Ryder, the Pentagon spokesperson, stated that the 569 tons of food, delivered to the pier and trucked to the shore on pallets, had not reached the intended recipients. He said the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore operation (JLOTS) failed in its attempt to deliver aid to the residents who are starving in Gaza.

The US military was delivering the aid to the pier, while non-US contractors drove the pallets to the shore. The non-governmental organization (NGO) placed the pallets in a sorting area for them to pick up and deliver to their intended distribution locations.

Ryder confirmed that some individuals believed to be Palestinians, intercepted the aid pallets on 11 trucks on their way to their destinations. Before the aid packages could reach the destination warehouses, they removed them from the trucks.

He continued by stating that they are in discussions about the circumstances and are working out alternative routes to move the cargo safely without further theft. According to Ryder, the aid appeared to have arrived at the warehouse safely and undisturbed. They will soon distribute them to the Palestinian people residing throughout Gaza.

He acknowledged that while some aid is reaching the right places, none of the aid that the US military delivered to the $320 million pier has reached destinations to be delivered to the people in need.

The UN also claimed that a deadly ambush broke out as a result of their difficulties transporting the aid from the shore to the warehouses, with one Palestinian reportedly dying from gunfire.

According to the UN World Food Program, the US floating pier may be a failure because the majority of the aid was stolen. However, Ryder stated that the failure stems from the NGOs’ attempts to deliver the aid.

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