Ghislaine Maxwell Moved to Her Prison To Serve 20-Year Sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell Moved to Her Prison To Serve 20-Year Sentence

Ghislaine Maxwell MOVED – Prison Details Released

( – In June, the Supreme Court officially convicted Ghislaine Maxwell of trafficking young girls to the late Jefferey Epstein. Prison officials just moved the disgraced socialite to a facility in Florida, where she is expected to begin serving out a 20-year sentence for her crimes.

Maxwell will start her time behind bars at FCI Tallahassee in Florida, the same state where she committed her offenses. She was previously housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. There, prison officials were forced to place her on suicide watch after she accused a staff member of threatening her life.

FCI Tallahassee offers so many amenities that some activists question whether it will be more like a long-term vacation than a punishment. The facility offers inmates the opportunity to enjoy yoga, movies, Pilates, weights, softball, flag football, frisbee, and more. Maxwell might even decide to participate in its talent shows or attend classes on horticulture and cosmetology.

Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over Maxwell’s case, didn’t initially recommend housing Maxwell at FCI Tallahassee. Nathan sought to send the socialite to Connecticut’s FCI Danbury instead, so that she could participate in its Female Integrated Treatment, or FIT, program. The option tackles issues specific to women offenders and individually tailors therapeutic directions related to trauma, substance abuse, and work goals.

The Bureau of Prisons denied the request and picked the lower-security Florida institution against her recommendations. No one has offered a clear reason why.

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