Google Loses Court Battle to “Fortnite”

Google Loses Court Battle to “Fortnite”
[2016-12-26] "Googleplex", Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California. Google logo on the office building is in this photo

( – A jury in the U.S. found Google guilty of operating an unlawful monopoly, and the developer of “Fortnite,” the hit video game, won the case.

According to the court document, the jury decided in favor of Epic on all charges. The court’s process for deciding on penalties will start in January.

In 2020, Epic Games took Google to court, claiming that the tech company had illegally monopolized the app store market. The store is used by millions of consumers to install programs on Android-powered cellphones.

They would appeal, according to Google. Google VP of public policy, Wilson White, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to its partners, customers, and the Android ecosystem. He promised to keep fighting for the Android business model.

Additional issues raised by the lawsuit included Google’s practice of charging developers upwards of thirty percent in transaction fees. Also raised was the fact that developers are required to utilize both the Play Store and the billing service in order for their applications to be shown in the store.

Developers may have more control over app distribution and monetization as a result of the verdict. Google insists its fees are market-competitive and that it offers extras like malware protection, reach, and transaction security.

If the decision is upheld, however, Google could be forced to let additional app shops onto Android-powered equipment, which might mean less money for the tech giant from purchases in-app.

Per Epic Games, over ninety-five percent of Android applications are released via the Play Store, and Android powers about seventy percent of devices worldwide. Although Google’s search business generates more revenue than its store does, the platform does provide Google access to a vast array of mobile devices.

Epic said in its complaint that Google’s hidden and anti-competitive arrangements stifle choice and innovation.

The trial, according to Epic Games’ statement, proved that Google was prepared to spend billions to limit other app marketplaces. It proves why legislation is necessary to break the monopolies of tech giants like Google and Apple in the smartphone market.

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