GOP Senator Warns Biden May Be Impeached Soon

GOP Senator Warns Biden May Be Impeached Soon

( – A number of people had it out for President Joe Biden even before he became the President of the United States on January 20, 2021. The commander-in-chief’s rocky first year continues to worsen those opinions, leaving several people convinced his term may very well end sooner than expected.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), for his part, sent the Biden administration a strong warning in December during an appearance on his podcast:

He warns that Biden might not make it to the end of his term if Republicans win back the House during the 2022 midterm elections. Cruz predicts the chances of the GOP to regain a majority there are incredibly high but admits the party faces a much tougher battle in the Senate.

As for how exactly that might affect Biden’s job security, Cruz explained that Republicans would likely move to impeach him “whether it’s justified or not.”

Senator Cruz accuses Democrats of weaponizing impeachment for political gain during former President Donald Trump’s time in office. He feels the DNC opened the door for Republicans to do the same with Biden.

The president’s approval ratings have plummeted over the summer; those numbers closely relate to how well a party does in an election cycle: midterm elections.

Several Republicans have already submitted articles of impeachment against Biden despite not currently holding a majority in either chamber of Congress. Wouldn’t a House majority encourage them to follow through?

Cruz seemed confident in his party’s ability to win the House and possibly the Senate during the podcast. Yet, one question remains: is impeachment the best solution to Biden’s poor policies? Or, is it simply an eye-for-an-eye scenario in which the GOP attempts to impeach the president simply because the DNC treated Trump poorly?

The American people are undoubtedly unhappy with Biden and his presidency; numbers simply don’t lie. But impeaching him will only put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge. Some feel that would be far more disastrous for the safety and sanctity of the country.

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