Gov. Sanders’ GOP SOTU Response

Gov. Sanders' GOP SOTU Response

( – Arkansas Governor Sanders, who is an emerging conservative political leader, delivered the Republican answer to President Biden’s State of the Union speech. She expressed how conservatives feel regarding the unpopular leadership and his agenda.

After Biden’s address, in which he defended his economic record and said that Republicans would abolish Medicare and Social Security, Sanders disagreed with the career politician during her response.

She said that, while citizens suffer from the administration’s failures, they appear more concerned with social issues than the realities Americans encounter daily. America is fighting a cultural battle that it didn’t begin and never intended to wage.

In her 15-minute address, she used a list of far-right outrages to criticize Biden’s policies and also made a number of controversial claims about the mobs she claims are “woke” and are indoctrinating American youth. Sanders is among a new crop of Republican leaders who are inflaming the party’s core supporters in an effort to rise to national prominence.

In his address, Biden endorsed a billionaire’s tax and urged Republicans, who now control the House, to unify the nation. Sanders blamed Democrats for divisions in our nation. In their idea of America, the government taxes citizens, and all the while they get hammered with the exorbitant cost of gas, the empty supermarket aisles, and their kids being trained to hate each other based on the color of their skin and to not love each other or our beautiful nation.

Sanders slammed efforts to cut funding for the police and let criminals go free while families live in dread. She criticized the border situation and the administration’s international policies on North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

She claimed that the incompetence of the administration endangers the country. Their inaction against China, the nation’s biggest threat, is reckless and unsustainable. They refuse to protect our airspace, borders, and citizens.

Sanders claimed that Republicans need new leaders to bridge the country’s divide.

Republicans want safe neighborhoods with strong families, where employment abounds and wages rise, and where everyone has the freedom that our warriors died for.

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