Gypsy Rose Sues True Crime Creator for Fraud and Defamation

Gypsy Rose Sues True Crime Creator for Fraud and Defamation
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( – Gypsy Rose Blanchard served eight years in prison for her connection with her mother’s murder. After her release in 2023, she is currently embroiled in a lawsuit alleging a blogger violated their contract, defamed her, and committed fraud.

April Johns, also known as Fancy Macelli, is the defendant. The lawsuit claims that Blanchard and family had a deal with Macelli for rights to their lives while Blanchard was in prison in 2017. Blanchard was serving her sentence for her part in her mother’s murder. According to the suit, Macelli agreed to produce projects for the media on behalf of Blanchard. Mad Ginger Entertainment was Macelli’s production company.

Over the next few years, the Blanchard family granted Macelli access to interviews, Blanchard’s medical records, and personal documents. They also gave her the murder case evidence, including photos from the crime scene, videos made by the police, and transcripts from the court case.

After two years in 2019, the Blanchard family did not renew the contract they had with Macelli due to her failure to fulfill their deal by producing any project that was marketable. They added that Macelli had become argumentative because of Blanchard’s relationship with Ken Urker, her fiancé.

After Blanchard and Urker’s relationship ended, Macelli occasionally created content about Blanchard on her various social media platforms. In that content, Macelli often spoke regarding the tension between her and the Blanchard family. The lawsuit asserts that Macelli became convinced and expressed in her content that the Blanchard family was concealing something.

The lawsuit claims that Macelli began producing more caustic and pointed content more frequently shortly after Blanchard’s parole in 2023. According to the suit, Macelli was financially benefiting from the content she produced, even as she maligned Blanchard by accusing the family of stalking her and doubting Blanchard’s claim that her mother was abusive.

After the family sent a letter to Macelli demanding that she cease writing about them, she posted a video claiming Blanchard was dangerous.

The lawsuit aims to force Macelli to stop producing content about Blanchard, along with unspecified damages.

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