High School Security Guard Caught Running Homemade Bomb Business

High School Security Guard Caught Running Homemade Bomb Business
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(DailyDig.com) – On December 11, a security officer for a high school in California made an admission regarding his responsibility to supervise a 16-year-old student while operating an improvised munitions business.

Authorities claim that he produced, marketed, and shipped improvised explosives following the recovery of over a half-ton of explosive materials.

Angelo Jackson Mendiver, who is 27, admitted his guilt to planning to produce and sell explosive materials, mailing the explosive devices, and providing deceptive information to FBI agents, according to the US Attorney’s Office. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mendiver sold explosives and hazardous materials through an Instagram account and collaborated directly with a young male student at Bakersfield High School.

On June 1, 2023, authorities carried out a federal government-warranted investigation at the Bakersfield residence of Mendiver. This led to the confiscation of an estimated five hundred pounds of munitions and associated materials. Agents confiscated an additional five hundred pounds of munitions and related explosive materials from the residence of his adolescent business associate. Agents discovered additional combustible materials at both homes.

Court documents allege that the two individuals conducted their perilous trade and exchanged information via their Instagram page, which was replete with videos and visuals of the explosives.

Mendiver showed the unidentified adolescent accomplice a photograph of an explosive composition, the titanium salute, along with two videos of him constructing explosive devices. He wrote a caption to the videos: “Homemade kills all.”

He and the adolescent allegedly mailed the devices and materials to clients throughout the nation who had purchased them, according to investigators. As a security superintendent for the campus at Arvin High School, situated near Bakersfield, Mendiver practiced his profession.

Mendiver’s sentencing is presently slated for April 1, 2024. Should he be found guilty, he will be subject to the highest statutory sentence of prison confinement for five years and a fine of $250,000 per count, for a total of a million dollars for all four offenses.

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