Hunter Biden Used His Father’s Name As A Threat With Foreign Leaders

Hunter Biden Used His Father's Name As A Threat With Foreign Leaders

( – Despite the best efforts of the media and apparently government agencies the details of the Biden family’s nefarious foreign dealings are nonetheless surfacing. Among them is a stunning 2017 WhatsApp text message Hinter Biden sent to the Director of Harvest Fund Management, a Chinese investment firm named Henry Zhao. The somewhat lengthy single message in no uncertain terms threatened Zhao to comply with Biden’s demands or face the political consequences. The message was part of a 212-page transcript released by the House and Means Committee. The report included testimony from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. The IRS supervisory agent gave the testimony in May detailing IRS efforts to interfere and help Hunter Biden elude prosecution.

The text informed Zhao that Hunter was “sitting with (his) father” and questioned why they had not yet had a “commitment” fulfilled.” The next sentence gives an instruction with a consequence. Hunter wrote that should this commitment not be fulfilled by that night he would “make certain” that between his grudge and the power of “the man sitting next to me” Zhao will regret it. He ends the text by writing that he and his father await a phone call. Shortly after his message was sent Zhao sent Hunter’s Owasco P.C. firm $100,000. This text alone would seem to refute Joe Biden’s constant messaging that he was uninvolved in Hunter’s business dealings. It should be noted that two years earlier Henry Zhao sent over $5 million to the Biden family through business setups. Messages from that time period also show Hunter Biden referring to his family awaiting payment. Zhao’s business was directly linked to the Chinese Communist Party. The 2015 payment went from an account Zhao shared with his partners who were the family of the former Minister of State Security of China. Senior IRS personnel forbid investigating agents from bringing charges against Hunter Biden, speaking to his adult children and tipped off Hunter’s lawyers about a storage facility investigators wanted to look through. In addition to what has been described as a “sweetheart plea” from the DOJ the whistleblower says Hunter received “preferential treatment” that “never” would have been given to ordinary Americans.

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