IDF Claims Hamas Pressured Hospitals to Give Fuel Away

IDF Claims Hamas Pressured Hospitals to Give Fuel Away

( – On November 1, an intercepted phone conversation between Hamas and the director of a hospital in Gaza was released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It revealed that Hamas had been pressing them to give them their gasoline so that terrorists could use it in their assault against Israel.

The IDF claims that the audio proves Hamas controls Gaza’s energy supply and gives into the demands of terrorists rather than the needs of civilians.

Israeli Military Intelligence overheard a communication in which Hamas admitted to taking supplies meant for hospitals, denying the people of Gaza access to lifesaving care. The army stated that it opted to broadcast the recording to show Hamas’s humanitarian resource exploitation in Gaza.

While talking to a local citizen of Gaza, the Western Jabaliya Battalion commander of Hamas repeatedly implied that Hamas has obtained gasoline from the hospital’s reserves. Also, the hospital’s director in Beit Lahia, Gaza, was on the call. A citizen of Gaza was overheard pleading with the director of the hospital to hand over the gasoline to Hamas, claiming that they are threatening to shoot them if they don’t get it.

The Shin Bet and the IDF revealed more evidence last week Hamas uses hospitals in Gaza to avoid IDF attacks after interrogating a terrorist who entered Israel. When questioned about the relationship between the huge network of underground tunnels under the Palestinian enclave and hospitals in Gaza, a member of Nukhba, an elite Hamas squad, Omar Abu Rusha, said that most of them are concealed in hospitals.

The interviewer then questioned Abu Rusha for an explanation of Hamas’ use of hospitals and clinics as bunkers. In response, he said that they were well aware that Israel wouldn’t “strike them.”

He was challenged about Hamas and the scarcity of gasoline in Gaza. He said that Hamas would first use full canisters to refill their own vehicles before giving out any leftovers to the general public.

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