IDF Hits Hundreds Of Targets, Hamas Wounded Deeply

IDF Hits Hundreds Of Targets, Hamas Wounded Deeply

( – On the morning of December 20, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that Israeli naval, land, and air forces targeted more than three hundred targets in the Gaza Strip throughout the previous day. This led to deaths for Hamas and the destruction of terror infrastructure.

Hundreds of terrorists were slain by the 162 Division in intense fights in Jabalia, northern Gaza, according to the IDF. Brigadier General Itzik Cohen, the commander of 162, reported that more than 500 people were detained for terrorism, including individuals involved in the events on October 7.

Israeli troops destroyed terrorist infrastructure, including rocket factories, underground complexes, command and control centers, and training centers. In the Gaza Strip, Division 162 will keep operating until the operation is over, according to Cohen.

The 55th Brigade of Paratroopers carried out a raid on a Hamas armed forces headquarters in the Gaza bastion of Khan Yunis, as reported by the military. The 7th Armored Brigade also conducted raids in Khan Yunis, targeting the residences of top Hamas members. During these raids, they discovered subterranean systems that provided water and power.

As a terrorist was departing from a building armed with a rocket-propelled weapon, Combat Intelligence Collection Corps troops ordered an Israeli Air Force (IAF) plane to eliminate him. Also, a fighter plane from the IAF demolished a rocket launch site that was utilized to attack Israeli territory the day before. A heavy rocket bombardment hit the Tel Aviv region on December 19.

After a barrage of highly armed Hamas militants rushed the border on October 7, murdering 1,200 people (mainly civilians) and wounding hundreds more, the carrying roughly 240 captives back to Gaza, terrorists launched over 12,500 rockets against Israel.

After the massive attack on Hamas caused so much damage, for the first time in the last twenty-four hours air-raid alarms weren’t ringing throughout the night. This is a significant milestone in the battle involving Israel and the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

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