Investigation Launched into Boeing Whistleblower Claims

Investigation Launched into Boeing Whistleblower Claims

( – A formal complaint by Sam Salehpour, a whistleblower, to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in January instigated an investigation into Boeing. FAA authorities have reported that they are looking into his claim regarding two Dreamliner jets.

The Boeing engineer asserted that the fuselage of the 787 Dreamliner had the parts incorrectly fastened together. As the jets age, they may fail during flights. He described his claims in documents provided to the FAA, and their spokesperson confirmed on April 9 that they were investigating the complaints. The spokesperson added that the complaints regarded the 777 and 787 Dreamliners only.

Salehpour said on April 9 that his complaint to the FAA was regarding two issues that could cause the jets to have a shorter lifespan. He added that his reason for filing a formal complaint with the FAA was only to prevent the Boeing jets from crashing.

He does not wish for Boeing to suffer failures, as he has been a part of the company for more than ten years, but to actually succeed in building quality jets. According to Salehpour, the company needs to be more diligent in their processes and stop using shortcuts in production to save time.

A crucial factor for safety in aviation is the freedom from reprisal to voice concern about issues that could cause disasters. The FAA spokesperson said that they urge very strongly that the aviation business encourages their workers to come forward with any concerns.

Debra Katz, Salehpour’s lawyer, told the news media that he reported to Boeing a warning that they needed to change the production process. He elaborated on how the safety issues with the 787 jets could potentially jeopardize their reputation as a reliable company. She stated that Boeing disregarded his cautions, leading to his immediate transfer. She added that Boeing allowed production to be compromised in order to produce more jets.

Boeing responded by saying that they neither retaliate against whistleblowers nor compromise safety by inspecting all jets before delivery.

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