Israel Aims to Arm Citizens by Loosening Gun Control Laws

Israel Aims to Arm Citizens by Loosening Gun Control Laws

( – Israel, a small democracy in a region fraught with terrorist threats on all sides, maintains strict regulations on the possession and use of firearms. In Israel, the lawful privilege of carrying a firearm is murky at best.

But new gun licensing standards were implemented on October 5 that loosened laws on gun ownership. Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir of Israeli National Security has declared a state of emergency, giving many residents the possibility to carry firearms.

The rules were sanctioned by Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Israel’s minister of public security. He had previously promised to investigate whether weapon limits should be lifted in order to provide better security, and the decision follows many terrorist assaults in the city.

No one outside of the security and law enforcement sectors has been granted a license to carry a firearm.

According to the regulations, the West Bank settlements, along with Jerusalem, would be added to the list of high-risk locations. Guards no longer have to leave their weapons at the office when they leave work. Instructors of firearms use, reserve officers of any level, and veterans of select elite combat groups will all be eligible for licenses.

Prior to this week, applicants needed to be Israeli citizens or permanent residents, above the age of 21, and in generally good health to be considered. They also need to go through a background check and a shooting course at a legitimate shooting range. The permit holder may purchase one handgun and fifty rounds of ammunition from an authorized dealer. Every three years, they must repeat the licensing exam and submit to shooting range testing to maintain their license. Also, they need to show that their house is equipped with a gun safe.

Ben-Gvir has been an advocate for expanding access to firearms for the general public in order to combat terrorism and criminal activity. He has spoken out in favor of increasing the availability of firearms in Israel so that its residents can better protect themselves.

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