Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Steps Down

Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Steps Down

( – Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, the chief of military intelligence for Israel, stepped down from his post on April 22 due to his failure to prevent the October 7 attack by Hamas. The terrorist attack on a Jewish holiday resulted in the murder of almost 1,200 Israeli citizens and the capture of about 250 hostages.

Haliva’s letter of resignation stated that his responsibility to warn his government of any movements by Hamas using intelligence gathering had failed. They did not succeed in the task that would have alerted Israel to the planned attack. He wrote that the horrific day will always be with him as he carries the horrific weight of what happened and the current war.

His resignation is the only one from a senior authority due to the October 7 attack, which was Israel’s deadliest in history. In response to the terrorist attack, Israel launched an attack on Hamas in Gaza to destroy them and return the hostages home.

According to a statement from the military, their staff chief had approved of Haliva’s resignation. He also expressed his thankfulness for his nearly forty years of service to Israel.

Experts say that the population of Israel has historically trusted their military, as they have been strong in keeping their country safe. However, after October 7, their faith in the military began to wane. Critics view Haliva’s resignation as helpful in restoring some trust.

As Israel responded to the deadly attack, the war in Gaza has been devastating. Hamas claims that over 34,000 Palestinians have lost their lives. However, they have not separated the number of civilians and Hamas combatants from that total.

The war with Hamas has continued, while the militant Hezbollah group in Lebanon entered the fighting to help Hamas. With Iran joining in the fight, tensions are high as attacks continue. The extended attacks on Israel have seen terror spread into the West Bank and other communities within the nation of Israel itself.

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