Israeli Soldiers Enter Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

Israeli Soldiers Enter Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital

( – On November 15, as part of an operation that has sparked worldwide outcry over the condition of people inside Gaza, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) discovered a headquarters and war gear and weaponry belonging to Hamas at Gaza’s largest hospital.

Israel has repeatedly stated that the hospital stands atop Hamas’s command office, an accusation the US said was confirmed by its own information.

Israeli soldiers claimed that tunnels under the Al Shifa hospital housed the headquarters of Hamas, making the facility their primary target. Hamas disputed the charge and described the Israeli accusations as lies.

The IDF published a video showing a structure on the hospital property filled with grenades, flak jackets, ammo, and automatic weapons. The presence of Hamas’s technology assets and operational command office, discovered by the troops, suggests that the hospital is being used for terrorist activities.

After Hamas’s October 7 assault across southern Israel, Israel launched its campaign to destroy the terrorist organization that controls Gaza. According to Israeli officials, 1,200 individuals were murdered and 240 were captured on the worst day in the country’s 75-year history.

Since then, Israel has surrounded the densely populated region of Gaza and been bombing strategic targets. Israel ordered the complete evacuation of the northern part of Gaza to spare civilian lives.

Israel said its forces had penetrated the hospital complex after an exchange of gunfire with terrorists outside. Once inside the complex, the IDF said there was no fighting with personnel, patients, or bystanders. Inside the facility, eyewitnesses said the atmosphere became intense as Israeli forces proceeded from one structure to another. There was intermittent gunfire, but there were no reports of injuries from inside the premises.

The IDF said that before they entered the hospital, their soldiers encountered terrorist units and explosive items, which led to a battle that resulted in the deaths of terrorists.

IDF tanks delivered supplies to the Shifa hospital. Their troops and medical personnel are already in place to guarantee that individuals in need get these aid packages.

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