Jake Gyllenhaal Told Not To Memorize Any Lines for ‘The Covenant’

Jake Gyllenhaal Told Not To Memorize Any Lines for ‘The Covenant’

(DailyDig.com) – Jake Gyllenhaal is speaking openly about his experience working with filmmaker Guy Ritchie on the forthcoming movie “The Covenant.” Gyllenhaal and Ritchie had to work together each day to figure out the language and the procedure for the picture.

In this suspenseful film, Gyllenhaal plays US Army Sergeant John Kinley, a combat veteran who goes back to Afghanistan to rescue his former translator Ahmed, played by Dar Salim, from the hands of the Taliban. The previews suggest that this is Ritchie’s most subdued and realistic film to date.

Gyllenhaal was asked on April 13 by “Hot Ones” presenter Sean Evans whether he finds it freeing or tough to work with a filmmaker who gives him a lot of room for exploring his lines and approach. Gyllenhaal said that one of the best parts of his job is interacting with people who think differently than he does.

It was beyond anything he had ever done before, he said, while he was with Ritchie. Ritchie’s instruction that he not commit any of his lines to memory served as his escape. There were just 50 pages of screenplay, and it wasn’t even finished. Typical scripts run up to 110 pages, making memorizing them a difficult prospect.

The “Prisoners” star went on to claim that, when Ritchie first messaged it to him, he was confused as to why it was so brief. Ritchie told him he had to show up to the set every day to work on the sequence before they could film it. He had to completely “let go” of his usual method of memorizing dialogue, and as a result, it was one of the most innovative and stimulating experiences of his life.

Over time, reciting phrases you’ve memorized might make your performance seem robotic. Gyllenhaal regarded the experience as so satisfying and fulfilling because he was forced to repeat lines with minimal preparation, which allowed for a more natural and invested performance.

The Covenant”, directed by Guy Ritchie, will premiere on April 21.

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