James Gunn To Direct ‘Superman: Legacy’

James Gunn To Direct ‘Superman: Legacy’

(DailyDig.com) – James Gunn has announced that he will helm “Superman: Legacy” as his next project. Gunn had already begun scripting the film before he was named DC Studios’ co-head in November 2022. It had been generally believed that he’d direct it, but this was uncertain given his responsibilities directing the increasing DC roster with colleague Peter Safran.

Superman: Legacy” will serve as the Gunn-Safran duo’s first feature film. Warner Bros. officially scheduled July 11, 2025, as the release date for the film.

According to Safran, it focuses on Superman reconciling his Kryptonian origins with his mortal culture. He embodies “truth, justice, and the American way.” He is compassionate in a civilization that believes kindness is out of date.

Gunn said on March 15 that he was reluctant to sign onto a Superman film. He first said no since he didn’t have a unique, exciting, and emotional perspective that would give Superman the honor he merited. But then he found a way to concentrate the story on Superman’s ancestry: how his noble Kryptonian parentage and his Kansas agricultural parents shaped his identity and the decisions he makes.

He was apprehensive to direct even after opting to write. He stated by virtue of the fact that he authored something, it doesn’t mean he understands it aesthetically and emotionally. Not enough to direct it for nearly two years. Yet he adores the screenplay and is ecstatic to go on this adventure.

Although Henry Cavil portrayed Superman in previous films, he will not be playing this Superman. As Safran and Gunn joined DC, it seemed clear that they would be taking the hero in a youthful direction.

The launch date of the movie, “Superman: Legacy“, is noteworthy for Gunn. When his brother realized that the release was on their father’s birthday, he burst into tears.

Gunn dwelt on the fact that he had lost his father nearly three years before. He was his closest companion. He encouraged his passion for comic books and movies. He would not be doing this film without him.

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