Johnny Depp Blasts Hollywood For Betraying Him

Johnny Depp Blasts Hollywood For Betraying Him

( – Actor Johnny Depp promoted his first picture since his defamation trial, “Jeanne du Barry,” at the Cannes Film Festival. The seven-minute standing ovation it earned after its festival debut moved him to tears.

In a later interview, Depp made it very obvious that he had lost interest in Hollywood. When asked whether he thought he had been shunned by Hollywood after the allegations made against him by Amber Heard, his former spouse, he didn’t hold back. Depp said that he feels Hollywood has turned its back on him. He said that he was requested to leave a film due to rumors that turned out to be false.

He continued by saying he felt differently thereafter. He claims he is oblivious to the boycott since he has no interest in Hollywood. He has little further interest in Hollywood.

When people commented on Depp’s returning to the big screen after a long time, they acted as if it constituted a comeback. He took issue with the phrase, claiming that he didn’t understand what was meant by the word ‘comeback,’ given that he had never left. To make a ‘comeback’ is to tap dance for their approval and hope they enjoy it.

He also seemed to poke fun at online trolls and hate speech by implying that individuals were too timid to speak out for the truth since so many others were expressing a different opinion. Everyone wishes they could be authentic, but they have to ‘toe the line‘ with others around them instead.

Depp eventually chimed in, saying they were at the festival for the films and not for anything else. He blasted the press for making a story out of his life, comparing modern journalism to somebody asking a straightforward question but hiding a hidden agenda. It’s like asking someone how they are when, deep down within themselves, they’re thinking about how much they despise that person. That’s the way the media works.

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