Jonnie Irwin Shares Update on Terminal Illness

Jonnie Irwin Shares Update on Terminal Illness

( – After providing fans with an update on his continuing cancer struggle, “A Place in the Sun” actor Jonnie Irwin has disclosed that he has returned to the hospital.

Irwin informed his supporters that he had suddenly returned on November 10 to the hospital due to jaundice as part of his ongoing health issues. He experienced a fever and severe, sharp discomfort on the right side of his body, which was caused by an infection. Irwin went on to explain that he has had frequent blood tests, has been on medication drips, and has been seen every four hours throughout the night and day.

Irwin, 49, a renowned TV broadcaster, has been battling cancer heroically for the last year and recently suffered yet another setback. In 2020, the “A Place in the Sun” host received a diagnosis of lung cancer and has just been given a few months to live.

He joked that he didn’t expect to be watching BBC One’s “Morning Live” from his hospital bed, but it’s all part of the ups and downs that this sickness has thrown at him.

The father of three children will probably be celebrating his last birthday this week when he turns 50. He previously informed his followers that doctors had advised him that this Christmas would most likely be the last for him.

Looking forward, he mentioned a forthcoming appointment that may result in some good news. He will get another scan and then meet with his doctor. He is hoping for good news.

Along with Jessica, 40, his wife, and his son Rex, 5, he has twins Cormac and Rafa, both 2 years old.

When asked whether his children are aware of his condition, he has said that they have not been informed. They may if he becomes increasingly feeble or spends days in bed. He doesn’t want to waste his remaining days in sadness and bewilderment, especially for his children. He would rather that they spent more days in blissful ignorance and only a few days learning the facts.

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