JROTC Student Attacks a Bandit Who Was Assaulting a Woman

JROTC Student Attacks a Bandit Who Was Assaulting a Woman

(DailyDig.com) – A would-be carjacker was abusing a 65-year-old lady earlier this month in a grocery store parking lot in Florida when a ROTC student, 15 years old, dashed across the lot and targeted the suspect.

According to Billie Richert, who was assaulted outside a Publix grocery store in Riverview on December 4, she informed a television station that he demanded her keys, but she refused and moved away from him. Despite this, he continued grabbing her.

Andrew Papp intervened as a video showed the guy hurling Richert onto the pavement. According to his interview with the media, Papp felt compelled to do what was right since it was his proper duty to do so.

According to Papp, he began to pursue the unnamed teen, and then he attempted to engage in combat with him. He told the reporters that he held the suspect on the ground when the suspect tried to grasp his neck.

The station went on to say that Dan, a fellow hero and former Green Beret, assisted Andrew in subduing the criminal until the authorities came.

It could be someone’s aunt or mother, Papp said. It would be horrifying if it happened to his mom and he got away with it.

Papp attributed his heroic deeds to his upbringing. During his interview with the media, he attributed his upbringing as the reason for his heroic deeds. Just being a good person, like his parents, had a profound effect on him and his peers.

Richert was unharmed and spent Christmas with her family in Virginia when she found out about Papp, according to the station. School administrators set up a FaceTime conference for her to congratulate the adolescent hero this week.

The incident led to the arrest of 42-year-old Robert Moore, who faces charges of violence against a person over 65, robbery by abrupt snatching, and battery, according to the station.

According to Sheriff Chad Chronister of Hillsborough County, these kind strangers’ quick responses reflect the solidarity and resilience of their close-knit neighborhood.

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