Julian Sands’ Family Thanks Rescue Efforts

Julian Sands’ Family Thanks Rescue Efforts

(DailyDig.com) – Julian Sands’ family published a statement as search operations continued for the 65-year-old British actor who was last spotted hiking on California’s Mt. Baldy.

Sands was reported to police as missing on Friday, January 13. The SBCSD searched Mt. Baldy after his phone ping revealed the actor was heading there. They attempted pinging the phone again, but cell service or a power outage prevented it.

“Our heartfelt thanks to the compassionate members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who are coordinating the search for our beloved Julian, not least the heroic search teams listed below who are braving difficult conditions on the ground and in the air to bring Julian home,” the statement said. After thanking all the rescue groups involved in the search, the actor’s family said they were moved by all the love and support.


Later, the sheriff’s department issued another statement announcing that they are now looking for two missing hikers. Jin Chung, a 75-year-old man from Los Angeles, was also reported missing. He was reported missing on Sunday, Jan. 22, after traveling with two others to the mountain. The hikers split off and agreed to meet at the car at 2 p.m., but Chung did not show up.

High winds, according to the announcement, have made helicopter searches impossible. The foot search for Chung, on the other hand, has allowed rescuers to conduct a supplementary search of some of the places already explored for Sands. They will continue to use infrared equipment to aid in the hunt whenever they can operate helicopters and drones safely again.

Ground personnel looked for Sands at the Baldy Bowl on Saturday but were compelled to call it off owing to an avalanche danger and severe weather conditions.

Storms have hit Southern California in recent weeks, making trekking conditions on the 10,068-foot summit treacherous and rescue attempts difficult. A woman of four perished earlier this month after falling more than 500 feet down Mt. Baldy. The sheriff’s office has repeatedly cautioned hikers to avoid the region, calling it very dangerous even for the most experienced hikers.

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