Justice Thomas Offered $1M per Year to Step Down

Justice Thomas Offered $1M per Year to Step Down

(DailyDig.com) – On the February 18 episode of the British-born John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” on HBO, he offered Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas an annual payment of one million dollars to resign. He also included a two-million-dollar tour bus to accept the deal. Oliver gave him thirty days to accept his offer before it expired.

During the show, the progressive comedian Oliver denigrated Thomas for his 2022 vote on Roe v. Wade, overturning the earlier decision to guarantee abortion as a right. Oliver also raised the possibility that the Supreme Court will soon hear the case regarding several states’ attempts to remove Donald Trump from their primary ballots. The states are claiming that Trump was involved in the insurrection attack at the Capitol on 1-6-21.

Oliver was clear that his offer wasn’t from any corporation, but only from himself. He stated that he was the one who would come up with the money to pay for the deal. He said that Thomas could really make him regret giving him the deal because he could have to work for years to make good on his payments.

He continued to pressure Thomas, saying that he had a lot of work coming up after all the work he put in “stripping away women’s rights” and the upcoming Capitol attack hearing he would be involved in. Oliver told Thomas that he could use some time away from evil Washington, D.C.

Oliver’s taunting comes after reports last year that Thomas had been accepting trips from a billionaire donor, Harlan Crow, for over twenty years. Thomas did not declare the trips to be gratuities.

However, last April, Thomas responded to the criticism that he was told, when seeking advice regarding gratuities at the beginning of his tenure on the Court, that personal friends were allowed to provide hospitality to the Justices as long as they didn’t have any cases for the Supreme Court.

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