Kanye West Slapped With Copyright Infringement Suit

Kanye West Slapped Sith Copyright Infringement Suit

(DailyDig.com) – After Donna Summer’s estate accused Kanye West of exploiting her music without permission, he might face another copyright violation.

Her estate has accused West of using a song, claiming that they denied his request to utilize the material in an explicit manner. The singer died in 2012.

On the song “Good (Don’t Die)” from his new album “Vultures 1,” the rapper samples her 1977 smash “I Feel Love.” Despite the heavy sampling, West’s song has an independent vocalist who delivers Summer’s lines.

West reportedly requested permission to utilize Donna Summer’s song “I Feel Love,” according to a post on the social media website for her estate. They rejected the request. Then he either had another singer perform it or employed artificial intelligence, but it’s still “I Feel Love.” It violates copyright laws.

Ozzy Osbourne made similar accusations against West a few days ago. On February 9, Osbourne said he denied West permission to sample vocal-free a portion of a live performance in 1983 of “Iron Man” at a US event, according to a social media post he shared.

At his record listening party, West nevertheless used the sample, according to Osbourne. According to him, he has no interest in being associated with West.

Nicki Minaj’s refusal to approve the inclusion of a line on an album she had rapped caused a delay in the album’s December release.

Another tune that was supposed to be on the album of 16 songs sampled the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” but never made it since many people were unhappy about it.

Beg Forgiveness” by West samples the song “Gabriel” by Joe Goddard, a British producer for Hot Chip from 2011. A social media post he uploaded said that true house music fans knew the song’s origin, but he has refrained from criticizing West.

After West’s admission of his ongoing struggles with mental health and controversial views, the livestream of his “Vultures” listening session in Chicago was removed.

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