Kanye West Slapped With Surprising Lawsuit

Kanye West Slapped With Surprising Lawsuit

(DailyDig.com) – A lawsuit against Donda Academy and Kanye West was filed on April 2 in Los Angeles. An ex-employee of the Academy claimed harassment, retaliation, and discrimination by West.

Trevor Philips detailed the abuse he experienced in the filing and claimed West was anti-black and antisemitic. Yezzy, the fashion company West founded, hired him in 2022. He also worked at West’s private school, Donda Academy. Philips’ job entailed managing the cotton growing project along with other crops. This was part of West’s plan to create a community that was self-sustaining.

The lawsuit claims that Philips, who is black, endured humiliation and beratement by West in the presence of other employees. He states in the filing that West treated his black employees much worse than the white employees, as he never saw West berate a white employee. According to the filing, Philips experienced wild rantings by West with physical violence threats, as well as watching him yell at other black employees. Philips also claims that West fired people who were fat.

The complaint also details a shocking statement by West to the students of his academy. Philips claims that West told his students that he wanted to shave their heads and install a jail to lock them up in cages. He also claimed that West would compare himself to Hitler when he spoke of what he would do to the students.

Philips’ complaint said West’s hate was non-stop as he ranted his antisemitic and anti-black rhetoric in the company of his students. He began talking about only dating white women, and then, turning to the students, he said that he wanted to cage them. At that point, the academy staff removed the students from West’s presence.

The lawsuit also states that West ranted about Jews stealing his money because they wanted to destroy him. That was when he praised Hitler for hating the Jews.

Carney R. Shegerian, Philips’ attorney, stated that he hopes the lawsuit vindicates his client and that West understands that antisemitism and discrimination are wrong.

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