Kevin Spacey Endorses RFK Jr.

Kevin Spacey Endorses RFK Jr.

( – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running for the US Presidency on the Independent ticket, received an endorsement on May 6 from Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. He called Kennedy his friend, who was loyal to him throughout his legal woes brought on by accusations of harassment, misconduct, and abuse.

Spacey posted the endorsement on social media, stating that Kennedy remained his friend as the rest of the world rejected him. He said that Kennedy was a man that he could learn a lot from. His characterization of Kennedy was that he does not back down from his beliefs and that he is a fighter. In his post, he also included a video of Kennedy, in which he discussed the negative press he had been receiving, provided a brief history of his family, and explained what motivated him to run for president.

After Spacey’s endorsement was posted, Kennedy quickly reposted it.

In 2017, abuse, misconduct, and harassment allegations began to emerge publicly. Despite his denial of all the allegations, he was released from the “House of Cards” final season. He also stated that he lost the opportunity to act in many other roles during that time.

Last year, a British court held a trial, which resulted in Spacey receiving a not guilty verdict. Spacey spoke on social media about the exoneration he experienced each time he had the opportunity to defend himself. Under scrutiny of the allegations and his rebuttal, the results were always in his favor.

Since he entered the race, Kennedy has received endorsements from various celebrities, including Rob Schneider, Eric Clapton, Adam Carolla, Pierce Brosnan, and many members of Kennedy’s family.

Kennedy has gained endorsements from Woody Harrelson, who has narrated an ad for Kennedy, and Russell Brand, who will be the candidate’s special guest at a fundraiser, “Night of Country & Comedy,” on May 15 in Nashville. Kennedy approached Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, as a potential vice presidential candidate.

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