Kid Cudi Breaks His Foot Performing At Coachella

Kid Cudi Breaks His Foot Performing At Coachella

( – The Coachella 2024 Music Festival saw Kid Cudi, a rapper, perform his act on April 21. The set was unable to be completed due to a fall by Cudi as he lept off the stage, as he intended to be closer to the fans. Unfortunately, upon landing, he toppled over after injuring his foot.

The performance was his first since 2019, and he was exuberantly displaying his joy before his mishap. Only two of his new songs, “Blue Sky” and “Moon Man Shit,” made it into his set before his fall. The other songs, “Sad People,” “Tequila Shots,” “Electrowavebaby 2.0,” “Superboy,” and “Up Up & Away,” were in his set, but he was performing “Memories” during his tumble.

Later that day, Cudi posted a message on social media that confirmed his foot was broken and that he had gone for treatment at the hospital. He stated that this was the first time he broke a bone, and that maybe a forty-year-old shouldn’t show off his swagger like he did when he was twenty-six.

He thanked his fans for their well-wishes and concerns. As he received medical attention offstage, he could hear their fervor, which brought a smile to his face, and he could sense their love as he made his way to the hospital.

Cudi said that he learned to never jump off a stage again, which is a lesson of value for him. He hopes to recover sufficiently to embark on his world tour, “Insano: Engage the Rage.” “Insano,” his recently released album, serves as the theme for his upcoming world tour.

He stipulated that he does not intend to cancel any of his scheduled shows, but he just wants to see how his recovery progresses before making any decisions. He did say that he felt fine, other than being a little sore. They fit a temporary cast for his broken “something” in the heel of his foot, which he will wear for a while.

Cudi told fans not to worry; he’d be back.

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