Kim Kardashian Under Fire for Women’s History Month Campaign

Kim Kardashian Under Fire for Women's History Month Campaign

( – Kim Kardashian’s clothing company, SKIMS, released an ad on March 18. It featured male basketball players in a campaign featuring athletic stars Nick Bosa and Neymar. They were wearing the company’s clothing as they displayed their muscled physique playing basketball.

The addition of male clothing is an expansion for the brand and a milestone showing the commitment SKIM has to provide clothing for everyone, according to the press release.

The men’s ad campaign took advantage of the college basketball tournament called March Madness. However, Kardashian’s fans quickly expressed their dismay that female athletes were not used since March is Women’s History Month.

Although SKIMS was successful financially during the men’s line of clothing launch, the ads were not received with that same success. Social media were inundated with complaints and irritations by women who felt she featured males over females. Many comments referred to the fact that women’s basketball teams should have been featured in their month.

One comment highlighted the writer’s belief that an opportunity was missed to shine a light on women’s basketball. Another commenter agreed when she wrote that the actress should have featured women’s NCAA as well. A comment stated that women need more support from other women.

On the other hand, many comments defended the ad, stating that it was not for the woman’s line of clothing but the men’s. Why would she use women to show off men’s clothing? Others wrote that men also wear SKIMS, so why not feature them in ads? Then one commenter added that she will use female athletes when she produces ads for women’s sports clothing.

The new menswear includes tank tops, boxers, hoodies, undershirts, sweat suits, briefs, and T-shirts. The three collections SKIMS introduced were for sports, stretch, and cotton. The cotton collection consists of mid-weight, soft cotton, which is perfect for wearing every day. The stretch collection will not lose its shape and provides the customer with lightweight comfort. They created the sports collection to fit under clothes, enhancing performance during workouts.

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