Major City Grants Voting Rights to Minors

Major City Grants Voting Rights to Minors

( – For certain elections, minor children in New Jersey’s largest city may now cast ballots.

Voting in Newark’s school elections in April will be open to people 16 years old and older, according to a resolution passed on January 17 by the City Council.

Due to their potential involvement in adult duties like working, paying taxes, and driving, as well as civic activities like attending political rallies, volunteering at polls and campaigns, and contributing to political campaigns, the measure proclaimed that children 16 and 17 should have voting rights.

After many people voiced their opinions on the matter, Council member Lawrence Crump finally spoke out, saying that today’s children are advanced enough and smart enough to vote. Youngsters should not be held accountable for the actions of adults.

Giving minor children the ability to vote in elections for their school board is just the beginning, according to Council member Dupre Kelly, who said that doing so was essential to maintaining a robust democracy. He warned that the young people would be those to demolish it if they don’t enlist their assistance in building it.

Councilman Carlos Gonzalez was the lone voice of dissent, expressing concern that approving juvenile candidates for office would be the logical next step. Gonzalez went on to wonder whether the age restriction was subjective and if there might be grounds to decrease it even more in the future. A budget of a billion dollars is too much of a duty for them to deal with as policymakers due to their lack of wisdom developed with age.

The council also addressed the border situation as another important issue. Council member Michael Silva is worried that this new policy will have no positive impact on the children of illegal immigrants. Regardless of their citizenship status in the United States, he stressed the importance of hearing their opinions.

Generation Citizen is a liberal NGO located in New York that is working on Vote16USA. The Bezos Family Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation are among its main donors.

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