Major Recall Following A Dozen Injuries

Major Recall Following A Dozen Injuries

( – A recall notice for Starbucks mugs was announced on March 21. Over 440,000 mugs for the 2023 holiday season are being recalled due to reports of people’s complaints of cuts or burns, some severe, in their fingers or hands when using the mugs.

Nestlé USA initiated the recall along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The mugs were part of a Starbucks gift set sold at Walmart, Target, and Nexcom (a retail outlet for the military), or online.

The mugs are coated metallic over ceramic and sold in retail stores or online during November 2023 and January 2024. The cost was between ten and twenty dollars according to the type of the set and the size of the mugs (either 11 or 16 ounces), according to the CPSC.

Nestlé announced that they became aware of the issue when their customers began to contact them. They immediately took action and contacted the CPSC to work on the recall together. Their announcement stated that their first priority is the integrity of their products, which includes public safety and product quality. The statement expressed their apology for any customer inconvenience the recall is causing.

The CPSC explained that the issue with the malfunction of the mugs regarded filling them with hot liquid or microwaving the mugs. This may cause them to overheat or even break, which may cause cuts, burns, or other unforeseen hazards.

As of the recall date, CPSC stated that twelve reports were received that the mugs either broke or overheated, which resulted in ten injuries. Nine of the cases were for blisters and severe burns on the users hands or fingers. One injury was a cut to an individual’s finger, and another injury called for medical attention.

The recall requested customers to immediately not use the mugs anymore and return the mugs to where they purchased them. They will be given a full refund at the store on a gift card or with cash. A full refund is also accessible at the website for Nestlé.

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