Massive Turkey Recall Due to Mysterious Contamination

Massive Turkey Recall Due to Mysterious Contamination

( – On January 5, the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (FSIS) stated that they recalled 133,039 pounds of turkey kielbasa products from Salm Partners LLC of Denmark, WI, which may have been contaminated with bone pieces.

A vacuum-sealed 13-ounce container of turkey has a green label with the words “Parkview Turkey Polska Kielbasa” written in white and cream across the front.

On October 27, 2023, and again on October 30, 2023, the turkey kielbasa products that are ready to eat were manufactured. All the impacted goods have the “P-32009” establishment number and an expiration date of either April 2024, April 24, or April 27, 2024. The FSIS indicates that the use-by date is displayed on the front.

Two customers went to FSIS with concerns about discovering bone fragments in the product, and Salm Partners informed FSIS that it had also gotten such complaints.

Since it is a slow-cooked, manufactured meal processed to be eaten as-is, it should not include any bones whatsoever.

The FSIS has verified that the product caused a small mouth injury to one of the complainants. They have not yet received any new reports of harm associated with these items. They advised anyone concerned about potential injuries from consuming turkey kielbasa to seek medical attention.

The FSIS has expressed worry that customers may have saved the product for later use since it may be frozen after purchase. Please do not eat the product; instead, bring it to the store or dispose of it in the trash.

According to the FSIS, meat and poultry products marked as mechanically separated may contain trace levels of bone fragments. Poultry products must not include bones of a size greater than 0.06-0.08 inches, according to the FSIS.

The USDA Hotline, according to the FSIS, can be reached at 888-674-6854. This number is available to anyone with questions about food safety.

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