Matt Damon Promised Wife He’d Take Acting Break

Matt Damon Promised Wife He’d Take Acting Break

( – Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon said he told his wife that he would take a vacation from acting but that he might have to reconsider that decision if famed director Christopher Nolan calls him for a role.

Nolan did make the call. He told Damon that he wanted him to portray Leslie Groves, the ‘Manhattan Project’s’ director, alongside Cillian Murphy, who would play the lead role of Oppenheimer.

The 52-year-old patriarch of a family of four is the main attraction of Nolan’s upcoming historical drama “Oppenheimer.” Damon clarified in an interview that he didn’t exactly breach his vow by accepting the part.

Damon states he discussed his planned absence from work at length with his spouse. After his role in “Interstellar,” Nolan placed him on hold for a couple more movies. In marital counseling, Damon bargained for the release of his promise only if Chris Nolan called him.

The actor claims he made the deal without knowing if Nolan was contemplating anything at the time; he just assumed he wasn’t. But Nolan has been known to randomly contact others via phone with offers.

In an interview, Murphy said that Nolan is so modest and added that, in his very English style, Nolan had just written a movie about Oppenheimer. He asked Murphy to play Oppenheimer and expressed interest in working with him. Murphy mentioned the long-standing respect and understanding that he and Nolan have. The timing seemed ideal for taking on more responsibilities.

In December 2005, Damon tied the knot with his longtime partner, Luciana Bozán Barroso, who was born in Argentina. She does not work in the entertainment sector and does not use any kind of social media. When Damon was in Miami to shoot “Stuck On You,” he and Barroso, who was working as a bartender at the time, met. They have raised four daughters together.

The theatrical release date of “Oppenheimer” is July 21.

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