McCarthy Demands American Flags Be Draped For Flag day

McCarthy Demands American Flags Be Draped For Flag day

( – Flag Day is celebrated annually on June 14 to remember when the United States of America flag was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress on that day in 1777. This year, 2023, was no different.

One hundred years since the Continental Congress established the nation’s flag, the first Flag Day was celebrated in 1877. In 1949, Flag Day was declared a national holiday by President Harry Truman.

On June 14, Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Speaker of the House, made sure that the Capitol was the center of attention by mandating that three flags fly over the hill. He issued a statement proclaiming June 14 as “Flag Day at the People’s House” to draw attention to the solemn day and demonstrate that the flags could be seen in the center of Washington, DC.

It’s appropriate that former President Trump’s date of birth was on Flag Day, according to former US DOJ official Jeff Clark. The United States of America, he remarked, wishes President Trump a happy birthday.

On June 14, House Republicans released a statement saying that on this Flag Day, Americans honor the emblem, the American flag, of the world’s finest nation.

The Flag Code was established in 1942 by an act of Congress to provide uniform standards for the proper presentation and display of the United States flag.

The stars on the flag must always be facing upward, according to the code. Additional guidelines state that, with the exception of the United Nations headquarters, no flag may be flown on the right side of or higher than the American flag. Also, it is a show of great disrespect for the flag to ever touch the ground. The code also states that people must respectfully dispose of a flag when it is no longer usable.

More than a century has passed since the first Flag Day was observed. There have been 27 recognized variations of the United States flag since it was first flown.

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