McCarthy, Swalwell Reportedly Got Into Verbal Altercation

McCarthy, Swalwell Reportedly Got Into Verbal Altercation

( – On June 22, reports surfaced of an altercation between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA). Both McCarthy and Swalwell have been accused of making threats against one another.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has sponsored a resolution to expel California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff from Congress. In his capacity as head of the ‘House Intelligence Committee,’ Schiff was accused in the resolution of conducting insufficient investigations against then-president Donald Trump. Schiff’s detractors claim he exploited those probes to improperly acquire and utilize secret information to attack his political opponents. The resolution vote was held on June 21.

In the video of the vote in the House, you can see Swalwell, dressed in a gray suit, turning to speak to McCarthy. Swalwell can be heard yelling at McCarthy on the recording, saying that he is weak. McCarthy was infuriated by the slur.

Two anonymous lawmakers said that the confrontation erupted when Swalwell called the resolution petty and labeled McCarthy a feeble man when McCarthy held control over the House.

When Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, gave a joint speech to Congress the next day, another lawmaker claimed to have seen Swalwell on his way to the restroom outside the hall. McCarthy allegedly saw him and confronted him, telling him that if he ever said anything like what he called him again, he would kick his behind.

According to a second congressman who saw what happened, Swalwell and McCarthy were quite close to each other, if not nose to nose. According to reports, Swalwell replied by wondering whether a fight was really going to happen. McCarthy shot back that he would kick Swalwell in the behind if the latter continued to label him a coward.

Witnesses claim that McCarthy did not follow through on his challenge but that the atmosphere was still hostile.

Swalwell has not denied the claims against him. When reached for comment, McCarthy’s camp remained silent.

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