Mojo Nixon, Controversial Icon, Dies at 66

Mojo Nixon, Controversial Icon, Dies at 66

( – The 66-year-old actor, singer, and radio DJ Mojo Nixon died on February 7th after a heart attack.

The cult figure was a co-host of the Outlaw Country Cruise, which is an annual music festival, where Nixon died on board. Nixon died as he lived; full-speed, rock-solid, and on fire, according to his family’s statement. He died following a rowdy performance.

Following the 1987 triumph of Nixon and Skid Roper’s novelty smash “Elvis Is Everywhere,” Nixon had a unique career. The amusing low-budget music video for “Elvis Is Everywhere,” a twisted slice of hillbilly rock that paid tribute to Elvis, became a surprise mainstay on MTV.

In the ’80s, Nixon and Roper collaborated on six albums. After a while, Nixon went solo and put out a slew of albums, including a few that were collaborative. His solo effort, “Don Henley Must Die,” was well-received by alternative radio listeners and even by the real Don Henley himself. Nixon said that Henley had requested to sing the song with him at one of his performances.

Nixon was also involved in other media. “Great Balls of Fire,” a biography of Jerry Lee Lewis (1989), included him in his debut acting role as James Van Eaton, a drummer. The live-action film from 1993, “Super Mario Bros.” and the comedic “Car 54, Where Are You?” were among Nixon’s other acting credits.

After that, Nixon worked as a radio DJ in San Diego and Cincinnati. Early in the 2000s, he got a permanent slot on Outlaw Country on SiriusXM’s channel as “The Loon in the Afternoon.”

Nixon made sporadic musical returns, most notably in 2009 with the publication of “Whiskey Rebellion,” an album of unreleased songs. The documentary “The Mojo Manifesto: The Life and Times of Mojo Nixon,” which had been in production for quite some time, eventually debuted at SXSW 2022 and was released to the public last year.

According to Sixthman CEO Jeff Cuellar, the folks behind the Outlaw Country Cruise are in utter shock. Their hearts go out to Nixon’s loved ones.

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