Multiple Dead and Dozens Missing After Building Collapse

Multiple Dead and Dozens Missing After Building Collapse

( – An apartment building that was under construction collapsed in George, South Africa, on the afternoon of May 5. Seven people have perished so far, and 39 are still missing, according to officials.

The dead and missing are construction workers who were inside the five-story building when it collapsed. Rescuers found twenty-nine workers, of whom 16 were hospitalized with critical injuries. According to the George municipality, rescuers are still searching the twisted scaffolding and concrete rubble using cameras and dogs to locate the missing workers.

Over 200 rescuers arrived to search for anyone still alive. They brought cranes to help lift the heavy pieces of concrete, while other rescuers lined up to pass smaller pieces by hand to aid in the search.

The lead rescuer, Colin Deiner, claimed that they had a successful evening, but as the days progressed, they were less successful. At first, he stated, the trapped workers were communicating with the rescuers from beneath the rubble, some on their cellphones, but now there is only silence.

The government of the Western Cape stated that they divided the rescue teams among three areas of the building site, where they believed the workers were most likely at the time of the disaster. They estimated that the operation to rescue and retrieve the workers could take up to five days, with over 100 emergency workers on site.

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, released a statement offering his condolences to the families who are suffering the loss of their loved ones. He also extended his condolences to the families of those who remained unreached. He closed his statement by calling for an investigation into the accident in order to prevent another disaster of the same nature.

The premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, was present as the rescuers worked to find the missing construction personnel. He released a statement saying that the provincial government sent extra resources for the rescue teams. The provincial government has already offered the necessary support to expedite their rescue efforts.

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