National Guard Sent to Help in Texas

National Guard Sent to Help in Texas

( – The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has declared that the Florida National Guard (FNG) will join the Texas National Guard (TNG) in protecting their southern border.

The TNG persisted in erecting razor wire along the Texas-Mexico border despite a January 22 ruling by the Supreme Court granting the federal government the authority to dismantle it.

According to DeSantis, who made the statement on February 1, he will send a group of up to 1,000 FNG personnel to Texas, depending on their needs. This deployment will mark the Florida State Guard’s first-ever mission outside of Florida. Florida has taken this step as part of its strategy to assist Texas in its fight against the invasion along the Mexican border.

It is with great pleasure that they expand their support for Texas in their efforts to halt the invasion over the border, the governor of Florida stated. States have the right to protect their sovereignty. Every nation has its own unique boundaries.

In the midst of a rise in illegal crossings, the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has proclaimed an invasion of Texas. In the weeks after the Supreme Court’s decision, he emphasized this claim even further. Fortunately, the United States Border Patrol has taken a stand against the directive and is now assisting Texas in bolstering border security.

After the TNG disregarded the Supreme Court decision, DeSantis and other Republican governors declared their complete support of Abbott’s actions. The federal government, which has supported the policy of an open border under President Joe Biden, is presently engaged in a conflict with Texas.

According to DeSantis, towns all around the country are dealing with the fallout from Biden’s crisis at the border, and his administration’s failure to do its job threatens national sovereignty and the rule of constitutional law. Additionally, he said that Biden had the power to seal off this border. He either isn’t motivated or able to identify the issue for what it is.

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