National Security Risks After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

National Security Risks After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

( – On March 26, the Singapore cargo ship, Dali, crashed into the support column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The Port of Baltimore’s closure has caused many industries to flounder in handling the number of international cargo deliveries.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FBI have joined forces to investigate the crash, stating that it may threaten national security, according to Colonel Rob Maness, a retired US Air Force officer. The FBI and NTSB’s investigation will also include possible criminal activity.

The port’s significance stems from the volume of exports and imports it manages, ranking ninth in the US in terms of dollar value. According to Maness, the US’s supply chain issues and the chaos in all affected industries pose serious concerns. Energy security is a main concern, which must lead to a speedy reopening of the river to reopen the port and bridge.

The need for coal supplies across the US to power the steel industry and the electric grid has already affected the country’s energy demand. Both of these sectors are already warning of the impact of the port closure, which could pose a national security threat. The drop in coal supplies not only affects the US, but coal exports account for almost a third of all 2023 exports, meeting international demand.

To maintain national demand and protect the infrastructure of the power systems, US national security requires energy independence. To meet this demand, restoring the Baltimore port to its previous functionality will require a steady supply chain. This will not just restore the main link to energy for the nation but also show any US adversaries that the nation is dedicated to protecting its infrastructure and its ability to respond to any action worldwide, according to Maness.

Wes Moore, governor of Maryland, stated the need to quickly move to restore the port and rebuild the bridge in order for the nation’s economy to improve. He said that the port is an important part of Maryland’s growth economically.

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