NATO Issues Ominous Warning

NATO Issues Ominous Warning

( – A senior NATO officer has issued a dire warning, as the alliance readies itself for its largest military exercises in several decades, that a full-scale conflict with Russia may break out within the next two decades.

Admiral Rob Bauer, a senior NATO officer, recently warned reporters that the next two decades would not be without their share of problems. The fact that they aren’t guaranteed peace is the reason NATO troops are getting ready to fight Russia and terrorist organizations, should the need arise.

The alliance is planning to demonstrate its ability to defend its territory all the way to the Russian border with their countries. This will take place during the months-long exercises that will begin next week and include some ninety thousand soldiers, as his threat indicates.

In the event of war, Bauer said, the mobilization of a significant number of people would be necessary, and he urged the alliance’s governments to begin making preparations for this enormous operation.

For example, Boris Pistorius, Germany’s Defense Minister, has cautioned that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, might attack NATO member states within the next ten years. Even though a German official reportedly deemed it improbable that Russia would launch a huge offensive sometime in the spring of 2024 in order to capitalize on Western backing of Ukraine dwindling, newly released German military papers still see such a scenario as possible.

Gabrielius Landsbergis, the foreign minister of Lithuania, is urging Europe to act quickly in case of such an assault. According to what he believes, Europe is in danger if Russia overthrows Ukraine, and they are not content to stop there.

According to news reports, the treaty, New Start, which restricts long-range Russian and United States nuclear arsenals, is scheduled to end in February 2026. Russia has rebuffed an American request to restart arms control discussions. Their officials have maintained that the US is only looking for Russia to receive a tactical defeat in Ukraine.

Putin called President Biden’s December statements that Russia may join NATO in war “complete nonsense” and refuted Biden’s comments.

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