NBA Player Gets Handed Lifetime Ban

NBA Player Gets Handed Lifetime Ban

( – The NBA banned Jontay Porter, a member of the Toronto Raptors, on April 17 for allegedly betting on games. He was also alleged to claim he was ill in order to manipulate the results of wagers and gave inside information to other bettors.

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, released information regarding the ban. The investigation regarding the ban is ongoing while they dispense information to federal authorities. He also emphasized how important it is to safeguard the NBA’s integrity. According to Silver, the fans deserve to know that the games are free from fraud and that any violation of the rules will result in immediate punishment.

The NBA disclosed that Porter became the focus of the investigation when betting irregularities started to surface. According to Silver, the result was the revelation that he had violated the NBA’s rules regarding participation in betting fraud.

Porter placed about 13 bets on NBA games during the first three months of this year, in addition to the revelation of his organized participation in the games to other bettors. His total bets were $54,094, according to the NBA.

Porter, a center and power forward, spent most of his pro basketball career in the G League of the NBA. As a 24-year-old, six-foot-ten-inch player, he played for Toronto in twenty-six games and for Memphis in eleven games.

The current investigation revealed that Porter gave his health information prior to a March 20 Toronto game with Sacramento. Because of the tip, a bet of $80,000 was placed, which would have been a win of just over one million dollars. Due to the revelation of Porter’s illegal tip, the bet was not paid, per the NBA.

The NBA union, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), announced that they will ensure access to whatever help Porter may require during his ban. In their announcement, the union also emphasized that they support the NBA’s actions.

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