Netflix Confirms Massive Deal With NFL

Netflix Confirms Massive Deal With NFL

( – Netflix and the NFL announced a deal on May 15 that grants the streaming company the rights to host a live sports event during the 2024 Christmas Day doubleheader. The deal includes another two years of one or more holiday games.

Spencer Wang, Netflix’s VP of Finance, IR and Corporate Development, revealed that the deal’s payment amount is comparable to that of a medium-sized Netflix movie. Netflix expects to pay nearly 75 million dollars for each NFL game it streams during the 2024 season, excluding the Christmas game.

He also claimed that the deal’s cost should be manageable given that the streaming company currently spends nearly 17 billion dollars per year. Wang said that the news of the deal with the NFL is exciting, as it is a path they have been working on for some time.

Netflix had previously been working to provide more live programming for their customers, this time with sports, which is a lucrative business. Some of the current live programming on the schedule for Netflix includes specials like “John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in LA,” “Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson match,” and “Katt Williams: Woke Foke.”

In a meeting with investors, Wang told them to view this deal as a component of their plan of action to construct their live event programming, not just focus on the sports aspect. He reminded them of the other live programming they have done and the ones upcoming, such as “Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage,” as well as their significant long-term deal with the WWE. He told them that all of these live programs create moments of huge interest among their customers, which they absolutely love. Netflix will continue to build on this foundation and expand into more live programming as part of their action plan.

For the NFL’s part, their commissioner, Roger Goodell, stated that the Netflix deal is the next step to keeping their events accessible to their fans. He said that television does not have the technology to take watching football into the future.

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