New Aid Bill Passed, $95B Sent to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel

New Aid Bill Passed, $95B Sent to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel

( – To aid Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific region, the Senate approved a national security package worth $95 billion. With 22 Republicans casting yes votes on February 13, the overall tally was 70 to 29.

Despite the fact that the national debt has risen past $34 trillion, the package fails to address border security. They ignored efforts to decrease costs elsewhere.

In the package, Ukraine receives $60 billion, Israel $14 billion, Gaza $9 billion for humanitarian aid, and the Indo-Pacific region almost $5 billion. Since the conflict with Russia broke out in February 2022, the US has provided over $100 billion in assistance to Ukraine.

On February 13, President Biden expressed his admiration for the efforts of senators from both parties who worked together to get this deal.

It was one of the most impactful pieces of legislation ever passed by the Senate, and it received praise from Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader. He claimed that House Republicans and Mike Johnson, Speaker, must pass this measure quickly.

But a clash between the two is imminent; on February 12, House Speaker Johnson said that his chamber would not approve the Senate’s package but would instead create their own legislation with border security measures attached.

Prior to distributing more international assistance, Johnson said that the US must ensure the security of its own borders. The American people have a right to expect and demand it. These crucial issues will now need the House’s continued attention. The current status quo in the Senate is unacceptable for America.

A handful of Republican senators held out hope on Monday that they would be able to have their proposed amendments considered, which centered on strict border security. Unfortunately, not a single one of the proposed changes was really considered.

Senator Ted Cruz filed an identical amendment to the House’s immigration plan, H.R. 2, which would increase border patrol personnel, strengthen asylum screenings, and reinstate most limitations imposed by Trump.

During the floor debate just before the final vote, Senator Rand Paul emphasized that the law prioritizes Ukraine above the USA.

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