New Executive Order Focusing on Women’s Health Revealed

New Executive Order Focusing on Women's Health Revealed
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( – On March 18, an executive order was signed by President Joe Biden to advance a study regarding the health of women and collect data to provide funding for research in biomedical opportunities. He admonished the Republicans for their ignorance of women’s power but will see it this November.

The health of women had been less studied and funded until the 1990s, when they were mandated to be included in medical research funded by the government. Scientific research was mostly based on men in the past. The White House head of women’s health, Dr. Carolyn Mazure, said that little is known about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many health concerns in women.

Biden stated that his order will now track the differences between men and women in research. This will focus on illnesses common to women. He said that women are underrepresented, yet are one-half of the population. He said that he believes that research saves lives by giving superior health care to those in need.

Jill Biden leads the Women’s Health Research White House Initiative, along with an effort to mobilize and organize women voters for this November’s election. The decision of the Supreme Court to give the abortion rights issue back to the states focused on the concern for females regarding their pregnancy issues.

During the reception after signing the order, Biden mentioned his predecessor’s attempt to run again for the presidency. He referred to Trump bragging about the abortion decision by the Supreme Court overturning the right to abortion. Biden then claimed that leading the US with outdated ideas would hurt the GOP in the election.

Medical research focused on issues related to women will be increasingly funded, and any gaps in including them will be identified, according to Jennifer Klein, the adviser to the White House. She stated that she will work closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund research into medications given to women and the proper dosage.

Dr. Mazure asserts that we must study issues specific to women, such as uterine cancer, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.

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