New Jersey’s First Lady Tammy Murphy Ends Senate Campaign

New Jersey's First Lady Tammy Murphy Ends Senate Campaign

( – The wife of Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, ended her US Senate bid on March 24. Tammy Murphy was running against Senator Bob Menendez in the Garden State’s Democratic primary due to the corruption charges he faces.

Menendez announced on March 21 that he would no longer seek re-election as New Jersey’s senator as a Democrat. He did say that he may run for his seat as an independent candidate. He has denied the allegations of corruption. News reports state that he will stand trial in May on charges of accepting bribes from businessmen seeking favors.

The first lady made her announcement on Twitter, stating that she is not willing to continue to campaign using negative and divisive tactics. She asked for her party to develop unity in the months leading up to the general election in November. She stopped short of endorsing Representative Andy Kim, who is also running to replace Menendez.

Murphy also stated that she did not want to waste finances and other resources fighting another Democrat for the position. She wanted her campaign to be about positive solutions for New Jersey families. Her belief is that unifying the Democrat Party in her state is more important than winning the election.

She added that she will now devote all of her attention to reelecting Biden and making sure that New Jersey elects Democrats in all of its races. She stated that their next senator will need to work on issues of today and not divide the party and their state’s citizens.

Kim, the representative for three terms, is known for the attention he received when he cleaned the US Capitol of debris after the January 6 protest. He has been running his campaign as more of a grassroots-type campaign. He has been leading in the polls, winning votes from a few county committees, including Murphy and his home counties.

Murphy concluded her remarks by stating that the US Senate must remain in control of the Democrats this November to keep democracy strong.

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