New Law Blocks Landlords Rights When Renting

New Law Blocks Landlords Rights When Renting

( – Beginning in 2024, illegal immigrants will be afforded further legal protection, according to new Illinois legislation. The practice of discriminating against prospective renters because of their status as immigrants will be illegal for landlords as of January 1, 2019.

Ann Gillespie, a Democrat state senator, spearheaded the initiative to offer further protection to unauthorized immigrants in the housing market.

Illinois’ governor, J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, inked SB 1817, referred to as the ‘Illinois Human Rights Act,’ at the end of last month to become law. This legislation expands the ‘Illinois Human Rights Act’s’ safeguards against discriminatory marketing in housing and unfair housing availability based on immigration status.

This was one of many bills Pritzker signed last month; others allowed unauthorized immigrants to serve as police officers and take the state driver’s license test. Over 300,000 people already have Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses; this measure would replace them with ordinary licenses that are valid for four years.

After inking the driver’s license bill, Pritzker made a statement praising it as a major step toward removing obstacles to opportunity that many illegal immigrants experience. They are making it possible for everyone who meets the requirements to get a license, which will reduce discrimination, make driving safer, and make the system fairer.

According to a news statement from Gillespie’s office, the new legislation safeguards the rights of immigrants, prohibits providers of services and financial institutions from engaging in discriminatory actions, and establishes clear limits.

She said that the measure would make it illegal for independent loan-modifying service providers to discriminate on the basis of immigration status, while it would still be legal to inquire about immigration status in some circumstances.

In a press statement, Gillespie said that the move will help undocumented people find stable housing and become productive members of society. She said no one should be denied the right to rent or own a home because of their past.

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