New Proposed Bill to Offer Aid to Violent Offenders

New Proposed Bill to Offer Aid to Violent Offenders

( – The One California legislation (AB2031) contains a provision known as the Representation, Equity, and Protections (REP) for All Immigrants Act, which would provide illegal immigrants with legal representation funded by the taxpayer. This bill attempts to amend the 2015 bill, One California Immigration Service Funding Program.

Any illegal immigrant who is charged or even convicted of a felony, including rape, armed robbery, assault, or murder, will be covered under this provision, as exposed by the group End Wokeness on March 10. Their Twitter post stated that the bill would essentially allow individuals to fight their deportation.

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a California Assemblyman (D), introduced the bill to provide racial justice, according to him. He claimed that the free service could include not only the costs of litigation but also additional social services and interpreters.

A press release from Jones-Sawyer’s office stated that the commitment the state of California has to provide equity is not served by current laws prohibiting cost-free legal aid for those who have been through the legal system for their crimes. This bill will allow the immigration services to be provided to all equally.

Jones-Sawyer, who is on the task force to develop reparations for his state, has championed the effort to give all people a second chance. The bill will give access equitably to all people, not just some of them.

The Sixth Amendment provides free representation to any US citizen who is unable to fund their own legal defense. This right is only available to US citizens, and illegal immigrants or non-citizens are not covered by this amendment.

Even the Supreme Court ruled that the guarantee for free legal aid in criminal appeals only covers US citizens. California’s One California bill would negate the US Constitution and the ruling of the Supreme Court in order to provide this service to individuals in this country illegally who are charged or convicted of violent felony crimes.

Opposition from the Republicans believes the bill isn’t acceptable, according to Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez.

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